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Marcel M

5 (4 reviews)

I currently work as a data analyst for an energy provider. I decided to work in this field as I am excellent at using statistics and mathematics to solve problems.
I hold a master’s degree from the Utrecht University in Holland, in business and economics. I studied statistical modelling which required a strong numeric, finance and economic background. I got into university with my great chemistry, physics and mathematics grades from my A-levels.
I hold over four years of informal tutoring experience dedicated to the needs of the individual, at both high school and university level. The subject’s I am most experienced in tutoring is mathematics and physics. I approach each lesson with confidence knowing that the student will benefit from any conversation and task I set for them. My young age allows me to relate to those still studying and it is my hope that continuing to do so will allow me to also learn from others.
I aim to tutor people around weekends and evenings when it is more suitable for those studying at school or university.


5 (4 reviews)
Harry J

Fantastic tutor. Really helping me out with my Economics A Level studies and I know Marcel will continue to help me as exams are fast approaching.

Thomas W

I have recently contacted Marcel to teach my father computer literacy. Following the first session I have spoke to my dad and he has not got a bad word to say about Marcel.
Marcel is not only knowledgeable but also a great teacher, he is very patient and methodological.
He has taught my dad more in 1 hour than I have been able to get through to him in the last 10 years.

Karen A

Great tutor, very helpful and the emphasis on understanding how the maths is done not just remembering things. Always on time, very polite and personable.
Highly recommended.

Tracy O

Marcel has been teaching our 14 year old Son maths for a couple of weeks now. He always arrives in plenty of time before the lesson. My son took to him straight away and he actually looks forward to the lessons - as it’s helping him get a better understanding of the subject. My Son is showing more of an interest in maths now as having this one to one tuition is exactly what he needed. Thanks Marcel.

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