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Amr A

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My name is Amr and I am from Cairo, Egypt.

I moved to Scotland four years ago. I was a computer teacher for four years in an international school (Rajac International Schools ) where I was teaching computer subjects for Primary, Preparatory and Secondary grade. I also spent some time in the GCSE where i was teaching Arabic language and IT subjects (2005-2009).

Arabic is my mother tongue and i can provide you with an easy way to learn Arabic language (Proper Arabic- Common Arabic- Dialect) to help you to communicate in any Arab country. I focus not only on the speaking but I will also help you with writing, reading and listening- comprehension starting from the Arabic alphabet. I provide students with teaching materials and resources to guide them during their learning.

My teaching style is very easy, simple and interactive. I use songs, videos, articles to ensure the learning is fun and interesting. The approach that I generally use is to teach Arabic to British students is to help them building a vocabulary of common Arabic words by linking them to English words with the same sound and gradually building on the knowledge already acquired and always touching on what had been already covered before to develop good conversational skills.


5 (1 reviews)
Lauren R

Great tutor! I have only been with Amr for two weeks but feel like I have learnt so much already. Fun and understandable, I am looking forward to more lessons with Amr.

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