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Emanuela V

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I am an Italian mother tongue with a Master's degree in Linguistics, obtained at Sapienza University in Rome.

During my University studies I have gained a strong experience as a private tutor to secondary-school students (aged between 13 and 18).
The subjects I have been teaching during this experience are as follows: Latin (language and literature), Ancient Greek (grammar), Italian (literature and grammar).
To accomplish my tasks I had to face students` needs to strengthen their comprehension of the subjects studied.
I moved over to UK just after having obtained my Master Degree and I started to work as Italian Teacher for English learners.

I strongly believe that a good teacher should always adapt his methods according to the students` needs. I do think that it is worth tailoring the teaching program to the student`s personality especially during private lessons.
During a language learning process it is really important to facilitate the student with the aim of leaving him free to communicate in the second language. This means that, altough he makes mistakes, it is important to avoid highlighting his errors during the conversation and to guide him to the correction through a logical process.
Another important thing that a teacher needs to consider is to organize a teaching program that allows for a student to gradually improve his language acquisition.


5 (1 reviews)
Nick T

I have had two lessons with Emanuela so far, and I am very impressed. She is punctual, prepared and professional. She is also friendly and encouraging and makes the lessons fun. Highly recommended.

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