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Stephanie H

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Having had 8 years of experience in Primary and Secondary School settings has given me a very sound level of understanding of the various support roles as well as teaching roles. I have worked a lot with children with different diagnoses of additional needs, whether it be a diagnosed condition, or emotional and behavioural difficulties caused by circumstances in their lives beyond their control. This has given me empathy towards those children with additional needs, I have a lot of patience and I am very supportive. In the secondary school setting I have worked a lot with nurture groups for children with SEND and I have a working knowledge of their individual needs / IEPs.
I have also worked with all year groups in secondary school from year 7 to year 11 of all abilities, mainly in maths and the sciences. I have a high level of creativity to be brought to lessons and I am able to assist in all subject areas. As a previous trainee teacher, I started by teaching from other teacher’s lesson plans initially until I became able to write my own. I also understand how lessons are differentiated according to children’s abilities within class and I am able to differentiate myself between National Curriculum levels. My specialism is Biology but whilst studying for my degree we covered a lot of chemistry too. I have a strong passion for Science.
I have very high expectations of all children and my behaviour management skills are very good. I am able to identify which children would benefit from extra support to boost their academic levels in specific areas. This is where intervention comes into practice. I bond well and form strong working relationships with staff and students very quickly. This is due to my personality. I am outgoing, naturally friendly and approachable, yet very professional, confident and strict. I currently work as a Cover Supervisor teaching full classes in the absence of their regular class teacher and it is brilliant, so rewarding. I work with Key Stage 2.

On a personal level, I live with my fiancé and 18 year old son. I am happy to tutor in my own home or travel to others homes up to a 10 miles radius of Wisbech.

I have a lot of patience and I have tutored family members and some adults in Functional skills maths. I really enjoyed it.


5 (1 reviews)
Kerry B

My daughter is reallly enjoying her lessons with Stephanie. She is very kind and supportive.

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