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Justine R

5 (7 reviews)

Hello! My name is Justine and I am addicted to teaching. I can recognise, explain and address the underlying reasons holding a student back from success, and help build up the skills needed to achieve your full potential. If you are looking for a dedicated, driven and communicative tutor who won't leave you wondering what your son or daughter has been taught (or why I am teaching something) then look no further.

Tutoring Experience:

Since leaving university I have been employed within a wide range of educational roles, specialising in English, maths and creative subjects. Some jobs include working in primary and secondary schools, college courses for maths and English, teaching English in Japan and working for private tutoring companies where I delivered lessons to classes of students. I have learnt a wide range of methods and practices to help anyone tackle a challenging concept, or recognise where they could stretch themselves further.

I take time to update myself on yearly changes to the curriculum and exam papers to ensure what I am teaching is relevant, including AQA, OCR, Edexcel and City&Guilds exam boards and have been teaching students up to the new level 9 GCSE ability this year.

Some other (more unusual) things I can teach include: traditional painting, digital painting, animation, beginner's Japanese, origami, and book binding.

Tutoring Approach:

I methodically break down reasoning behind concepts and methods, addressing the underlying causes for not understanding something. I use lots of visual and practical examples to ensure a student understands what I am telling them. I carefully find gaps in knowledge and fill them before moving forward, which is a key aspect to helping students progress, that schools often don't have time for.

I am extremely patient and never overwhelm students with too much information - just enough to confidently build up knowledge until you won't even believe you struggled with something in the first place. I keep a record of what you know and what you can work on, and set personalised homework linked to the lesson and what you want to improve on, to speed up progress. You will be able to measure and see yourself improving over time and learn about how to progress independently in the long run.

A little bit about me:

In 2015 I lived in Japan for 10 months and love learning about other cultures. My profile picture is me sitting in Nikko park in Japan, which has deer wandering freely. My favourite book series is Harry Potter and I love sci-fi movies. I also enjoy baking, my specialities are egg custard tarts and baked cheesecake.


5 (7 reviews)
Belinda A

Justine was great We only had one lesson as we decided my son was too young for the online thing but we were very impressed by here. She did her preparation, asked all the right questions and our only disappointment is we aren't closer to continue face to face tutoring. I think the online classroom would be great but I think you'd need a child at least 10 years old to make the most out of that.


Justine has been teaching my son in KS3 maths, for a while now and her approach, is patient, caring and enthusiastic. Justine has the ability to recognise weaknesses and she is always happy to go through anything my son doesn't understand. She uses Rote for a better understanding, which I was really happy with and it has worked really well. My son is so much more confident with his maths and he has improved substantially, he also has some knowledge of GCSE stage, now, which will help when the time comes for sitting his GCSE's. Justine has made learning maths, easy and comfortable for my son because normally he hates maths!
I would definitely recommend Justine as a maths Tutor who knows her stuff, inside and out!
Thank you Justine.
C and C.

Clare F

Justine has really helped my son with his maths learning in preparation for his GCSEs this year. She is extremely positive and encouraging when she teaches, even with my rather reluctant teenage son! He has found new confidence in his ability and concepts which he had struggled with have certainly started to 'click' with her help.

I like the way Justine tries different ways to help him remember different methods and how she explains concepts in a variety of ways until he understands. As an experienced teacher, I have been impressed with how she has found the gaps in his understanding and worked hard to fill them. I have sat in on many of her sessions with him, which has helped me to give him further support when he does his revision and work set by her.

I have found Justine to be extremely reliable, approachable and organised in her approach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor.

Thank you so much, Justine!

Lisa H

Justine has been tutoring our daughter for the last six months. We are delighted with the confidence she is using in her Maths sessions. Recent tests have proved that Justine has helped to increase overall percentages and levels.
We would recommend Justine for her manner and teaching style in a subject she clearly loves.
Thank you.

Sammy B

My anxieties with maths does not seem to get any better with age. After finding out I was within 3 marks from achieving the grade I needed I was determined to do it this time. Justine was really quick at responding to my messages and that week we started lessons. Justine was able to identify that actually it's my confidence rather than my knowledge, and she came equipped with resources and methods that will help me. I am still doing my exams but Justine definitely gave me a little confident boost I needed and taught me new methods that will stay with me for life.

Emily A

Justine has been tutoring my Son over the Summer holidays for Maths, Art and some basic Japanese. My son has Autism and suffers with severe anxiety but Justine has really helped improve his confidence and he thoroughly enjoys the sessions (which is a huge achievement)!
Justine put my Son at ease from the first session and her Maths games are fabulous and engaging. I would highly recommend her.

Sidu G

Justine is a very friendly and professional tutor. She has been a fabulous with our 7 year old. Our child'sconfidence and passion for school has improved, and Justine has played a fundamental part in this. I would recommend Justine as a tutor without hesitation.

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