Highly motivated Mathematics university student.

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Tamara D


I am a second year Mathematics student at the University of Glasgow. At the moment, I am taking all Mathematics and Statistics courses. Also, I took Physics 1 in my first year. Previously done IB in Spain with Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Economics HL, Chemistry SL, Spanish Language and Literature SL and English SL.

I have experience in teaching other students with difficulties in passing their Mathematics exams during High School. I believe tutoring is an extremely personal experience, so I find that taking an adaptive teaching style for each and every student is the most effective way of building a strong rapport and therefore providing a solid foundation with which to guide through their studies. One of the most important things I've found with my previous tutoring is being able to explain and expand on knowledge in more than one way, as every one has their own individual learning style. I am looking forward to continue expanding my knowledge and make students enjoy studying.

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