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Jake B

5 (5 reviews)

Hello, I'm Jake!

I recently completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Plymouth attaining a First Class Honours in Marine Biology, as well as studying Biology, Chemistry and French for my A-Levels.

Being ambitious, adventurous and driven led me to seek a career that would allow me to travel and experience new cultures, thus I decided to study marine biology as I also had an innate fascination with the ocean environment. I have, as a result, had the privilege of working overseas which has allowed me to improve on my interpersonal skills and display an adaptability to how different people work and learn.

Working for exams can be stressful and I found one to one tuition helped me significantly in achieving my goals throughout my academic career. In many situations I have demonstrated an eagerness to help pass on skills to others, this includes peer support schemes in schools to coordinating and training volunteers abroad. I have a solid grounding in many subject areas and this affords me to work in a composed manner achieving the best for my tutees.


5 (5 reviews)
Laura T

Kind, Patient and explains workings out really well so that my son gets it. Very pleasant and polite.

Fiona N

Jake is a very kind person with a lot of understanding. He has helped my daughter to understand Maths better than her own teacher at school. I am very iimpressed and pleased with all that he has shown my daughter and would recommend him to anybody.

Nicky A

Jake has been giving Maths GCSE tutoring to my daughter for nearly a month. He is polite, pleasant and very, very punctual!
Jake is extremely patient and clearly adapts his style to suit the learner.
With his positive reinforcement and ongoing encouragement I can see my daughter's confidence growing with every session, she will now attempt challenging work that before Jake's input she shied away from...... giving me more confidence that she will do well.

Andria R

Jake has been tutoring my daughter for about a month. I have seen my daughter's confidence grow, and this week she came top in her set for a mock gcse higher maths paper. She is flourishing with Jake's help. He is very knowledgeable, patient and great at explaining things. I can highly recommend him.

Dawn T

Jake is a very pleasant, polite tutor. Being younger my son finds it easier to relate to him which makes the learning easier for him. He is very encouraging and motivating and tries to break the learning into simpler terms giving my son more confidence to achieve his goals.

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