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Joe W

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Hi, my name's Joe. I'm a professional musician and guitar teacher based in Woodhouse, Leeds.

- Fully DBS checked
- Guitar Teacher with 1000+ hours of teaching experience
- First Class Music Degree

With plenty of experience teaching pupils from age 8 to adult, I know first hand that every guitarist’s journey is different, and my aim is to meet each student where they’re at, learning through music they choose in styles they’re interested in.

As a musician I play in bands and for artists up and down the UK. My playing has been live on national radio for BBC Introducing, some of Leeds most loved venues including Brudenell Social Club, The Wardrobe, West Yorkshire Playhouse, and festivals throughout the country.

As a teacher I work closely with the pupil to develop personal goals, and work together on a simple plan on how to reach them. I believe understanding the reason the student is taking lessons and playing guitar is fundamental to providing quality tuition, so I strive to create plans with the pupil to support their aims. Each lesson always keeps the pupil’s individual goals at the centre, and is created to develop musical fluency.


The specifics of what you will learn depends on your goals but I am experienced in teaching the following:

How to play your favourite songs.
Ultimately I teach the student to teach themselves by understanding core musical concepts and developing a base of fundamental skills. These include: Ear Training - learning how to recognise the chords in any given song by ear; Strumming and Picking/Fingerpicking Technique - fluency with all standard right hand techniques is a must, and I teach these prioritising what is commonly used in your favourite styles; Reading TAB - many students are intimidated by musical notation and if that's the case with you it's ok! We don't have to do it. I can arm you with every technique you can use to understand music without reading standard notation (though I can explore this with you too!); Common Chords and Scales - Every song is build from a foundation of chords and scales, and we explore these in a personal accessible way.

Creative Guitar Playing, Song Writing, and Improvising
This is my favourite area of playing and teaching as it helps you find your own voice! Here we will build you knowledge of music theory in a practical and applicable way, exploring new concepts that will enable you to discover new sounds. Again, this is catered to your aims - if you want to write songs we'll look at some of your favourite artists, see what they're doing, and set some aims for you to write using some of their techniques. If you want to improvise, we'll explore some of our favourite improvisers - what scales to they use, how do they shape their phrases, and what articulation techniques are employed.

If you have experience playing but need to improve your technique so you play consistently and fluently, I can show you drills and exercises that will make you a better player. We'll explore a lot of aspects - from how to move economically; where to have tension and where to avoid it; the tonal possibilities of different picks, different angles, and different picking techniques; as well as how to structure your practice so you get the most for your time, whether you have a little or a lot.

If you’re interested in a personal and thorough guitar approach then get in touch. I'd love to know what you listen to, and where you'd like to go with your playing so we can develop your perfect music curriculum.


5 (1 reviews)
Edmund C

Focuses on technique and finds songs you like to learn to play, and lets you go at your own pace. Really enjoying my lessons with him so far!

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