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Syafiqah Y


Hello there. I'm Syafiqah and I'm from Malaysia. I'm currently studying dentistry - a third-year student at Queen's University Belfast. So basically, I join this teaching website to be able to contribute something and help out those in need especially in the Chemistry subject. I have experienced as a tuition's tutor before, back in Malaysia, and I was keen to this profession as both of my parents were teachers. I also became a mentor for my fellow friends during high school and helped them in the acquisition of knowledges in chemistry, languages, and mathematics.

English is my second language and I learned to speak it since I was a child. So, I think that wouldn't be a barrier for us to communicate to each other. I speak Malay fluently and I learned a little bit of Arabic during high school. I've always liked learning new things - especially languages - and I tried memorising a few Chinese vocabularies. Also, meeting new people of different races is always been my interest as I get to learn about their beautiful cultures as well as being more open-minded and widen my circle of friends.

I enjoy travelling around the world, and since I'm in the UK right now, I'm blessed to have gotten cheaper tickets to do the sight-seeing around Europe. Apart from dentistry, I love music and I play piano during my leisure time. Classical pieces like Chopin and Rachmaninoff are my world but I love jazz and Sam Smith too.

I hope I can help you with your study and we will be doing lots of revisions together as per request. Again, as shown in the profile, let's make Chemistry fun.

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