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Iain W

5 (13 reviews)

Having come to study Maths after already leaving school, I recognise how frustrating it can be to study the subject, especially at school. But don't worry, I can help!

My experience as a classroom Secondary teacher has given me excellent skills in diagnosing where students need some extra help and my style of teaching will ensure you can replicate skills months down the line rather than forgetting ten minutes after the lesson.

I also have experience helping prospective teachers pass their numeracy QTS skills test and would be happy to help.

I am currently looking to build experience tutoring AS-Level Maths so am offering a discounted rate of £20 per hour for AS-Level Maths tuition.

My aim is to increase your ability and confidence as a learner of Mathematics so that you only need me to check your own work and, ultimately, so you wont need a tutor at all!

I consider myself to be a patient, friendly tutor but also a systematic and professional teacher who loves to see progress in others.


5 (13 reviews)
Natalie W

Iain has been working with our daughter for a couple of months. On starting she had low confidence in Maths, had not done well in an end of year test and showed a reluctance to study Maths at home. Now she is much more enthusiastic, will do self study and is improving fast with an eagerness to do well! We find Iain to be a very positive and personable tutor.

Virginia P

My daughter has had two lessons with Iain. He is very encouraging and explains things very clearly to her. He told her that she would be able to improve on her GSCE grade which has helped build her confidence.

Scott Or Dawn V

Iain is a brilliant tutor. a very caring, professional and understanding person.
from the beginning of my daughter's first lesson.
Iain wanted to know my daughter's capabilities of maths ,so he could assess her understanding and what level of teaching she required.
his technic is second to none
highly recommended.

Stewart C

My issue with Maths has not been my ability.
I'm an intelligent and confident individual but severely lack confidence in this subject and this lack of confidence has almost manifested into a phobia, I've felt inadequate and stupid most of the time, as far as Maths was concerned.
So, any tutor taking on this issue really does have their work cut out.
Iain has been brilliant in his ability to read me and understand the issue I have, his awareness of my sensitivity to feelings of inadequacy and my sudden 'brain freezes'.
To know he realises this is purely a lack of self belief immediately lifts me, he shows such understanding in a non patronising manner.
With Iain's help and Tutorage I feel my confidence growing and believe finding him was one of the best decisions I have made.
I know that I'm now on the path to slaying this beast - self confidence with maths.

Tara H

My nine year old daughter has had four lessons with Iain so far. She has told me that she loves her lessons, thinks Iain is very kind, and more importantly (I suppose) has made very quick and easy progress in the maths that Iain has worked through with her. She enjoys her lessons and is enthusiastic about the homework that Iain sets her. I am confident that Iain will help my daughter go from strength to strength in this subject as she is already well on her way to developing an understanding of particular problems that up to now have completely bamboozled her!

Louise S

Iain is tutoring my 15 yr old son in GCSE Maths. He has had three lessons so far and finds Iain enthusiastic and engaging. He is prompt and very well organised, bringing relevant curriculum based work to the lesson and setting homework. My son finds Iain easy to understand and I feel Iain has quickly established a rapport with my son which makes the lesson enjoyable rather than a chore. We are extremely pleased with the tutoring Iain is providing.

Jennifer G

Amazing! Iain help me pass my QTS exam 1st time, which I never thought I'd pass. He gave me the confidence and resources (homework) which helped me build up the specific maths skills I needed to pass the test. He is well prepared, friendly, encouraging and punctual. I couldn't thank him enough.

Diane H

Iain stepped into the breach at the last minute when our previous tutor could no longer tutor my daughter due to personal reasons. Iain was punctual, knowledgeable, and explained things really well, allaying my concerns that a new tutor may confuse my daughter so near to her GCSE exams. Due to his relaxed persona, my daughter still feels supported and prepared for her last exam next week. Thanks again for fitting her in.

Mohammed A

Very good lesson

Sharon C

Just want to thank Iain for the confidence he has given my daughter. He tailored the lessons to suit my daughter's needs and she was totally comfortable with him and actually enjoyed the maths she did. I would highly recommend Iain to anyone. Thank you for everything!

Michelle A

Iain has been tutoring our son with GCSE maths to boost his confidence and maths skills. Iain is always polite, keen to get started and recaps on the home work he has left. He offers great advice and support to our son and us with his maths and we would highly recommend Iain to anyone looking for a tutor.

Glenn M

Our daughter feels comfortable and even though it's very early to say we do feel her confidence is growing. Her understanding of the subject is improving so her grades will too.

Kirsty E

Our daughter was very nervous before the lesson but was left feeling very well supported, encouraged and motivated having really enjoyed the lesson. She is looking forward to future lessons. - thank you Iain

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