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Song J


I am a chinese student studying in the Cardiff University. Before I went to London to start my last Master degree last September, I had lived in China for 26 years.

In the College Entrance Examination of China, I had a very high score of chinese (134/150), which was top 1%. Now, as a Phd student, I already can communicate in everyday English and I am getting use to english culture. Furthermore, before I came to Cardiff, I taught a 5 year old boy Mandarin for several month in London. As a consequence, If you want to learn mandarin, I might be the right one.

As I am studying in Cardiff now, I can work in the night of workdays and weekend. I can not only teach you, but also help you make a study plan based on your background. If you never learned chinese before, then we could start from some very basic part, like phoneticize.

If you already learned chinese before, we could learn some thing more difficult, like idiom, which is used in chinese communication everyday. If you want to use chinese as soon as possile, we can start from some easy and applied. Basically, your learning plan will based on your background, needs and interests.

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