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Harsha M

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I have been tutoring students privately since 2008. I have a Master's degree in English Literature, and a second one in Gender Studies from UCL.
Since every institution and child picks different texts, it is important that my classes are only one-on-one.
I help with introducing students to Literature at an elementary level; this progresses to practical criticism and the formulation of sophisticated commentaries as they get older.
After a few classes with me, students are able to independently comment on a work of Literature, familiar or unseen, by themselves.
I work with students who have been doing English both as a First and Second Language. In the event that the pupil is not a native English speaker, I work with methods and techniques that will improve their written and spoken English before diving into literary analysis.


5 (1 reviews)
Kemi A

A fabulous tutor with a great personality. Harsha goes the extra mile to ensure her student gets all the help. I will recommend her for anyone looking for a tutor who can deliver.

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