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Ivan L

5 (6 reviews)

I am tutoring a wide range of students including, but not limited to

1.) Advanced high school/pre-university students who are learning university level materials
2.) Undergraduate students in mathematics or quantitative subjects (help in understanding materials/ completing assignment/ preparing exams)
3.) Postgraduate students who are transitioning into a quantitative degree (especially computer science/data science/machine learning)

Particularly, I am available to help with Discrete Mathematics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Algorithms, Abstract Algebra and Analysis.

Contact me if you are interested.


I have a full scholarship to study Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. While I have studied a wide range of mathematical and informatics courses, my comparative advantage lies in discrete mathematics, algorithms, combinatorics, and optimization. I am currently assigned tutoring role in Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Python Programming.


5 (6 reviews)
Xinyi W

I was really stuck in understanding the maths in my machine learning course before approaching Ivan for help. Not only he is good in explaining to me how to make sense of the maths, he is also quick in spotting my misconceptions while guiding me. After a few lessons with him, everything in the course just "clicks".

As a self-funded Masters students, I can't afford to have regular sessions with Ivan. He understands that and guides me on how to utilise the richness of information/online courses to teach myself the necessary maths. He also allows me to drop him messages and he will reply when he *procrastinates*. Some men just want to watch the world learn probably describes him well.

Xinyi W

I asked for Ivan's help to refresh and strengthen my understanding of certain topics before starting my Masters.

Ivan's sessions are very organised and well-presented. His teaching are well balanced with motivations, clarity, rigor and elegance. Particularly, I enjoy how he emphasizes different areas of mathematics are connected.

While guiding you to prove/solve problems, he can identify your blind spots or incorrect assumptions quickly and then point you to the right direction without giving away the full solution.

The only downside I can think of is - if you are learning "real" mathematics (analysis, abstract algebra and above) for the first time, being tutored by Ivan might lead you to expect such excellence in your future education which is extremely rare in most universities.

Nikita C

Ivan is an excellent tutor and that
is an understatement!!!
He has such a great passion to teach Math and Physics it is very rare to come across such a great teacher.
I had booked lessons for my son as we had moved out from US to Edinburgh and my son had started school a bit late. However the pace at which Ivan is teaching is amazing I am sure he will finish the whole syllabus in a few months. My son is super excited to learn Uni level Math with Ivan who will coach him and teach him much beyond the school Syllabus.
I highly recommend Ivan for teaching Math and Physics at any level, he is the best teacher who loves Math and has a great passion to teach....
Nikita K.

Maria W

Ivan is a very pleasant guy. He relates to young people, is friendly and interested in their personal needs.
We are booking more lessons with him and hope that the way ahead goes well. He's knows his stuff.

Brenda L

Ivan has been very supportive on helping our son with his National 5 maths. Ivan was able to offer tuition at short notice and has provided valuable feedback on areas of strength and areas for further development. We have booked further sessions with Ivan.

Brenda L

Ivan has been very supportive and honest in his approach with our sone, he has given helpful feedback on areas of strength and areas for further development. We have booked a further 2 sessions and think we will book further sessions. Ivan was also able to offer tuition at short notice which was very helpful.

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