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Louis L

5 (10 reviews)

I’m a full-time private tutor teaching students one-to-one and small groups at school and home. I received A in all my A levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Chinese - and went on to study Chemistry at Oxford University, receiving a MSc.

Later I completed my MBA at IMD Lausanne Switzerland and earned my LLM (Master of Law) at King's College. After I graduated, I spent over 5 years working in the financial sectors while teaching sixth form students in my spare time. Inspired by my results, I underwent a career transformation and left investment management to become a full-time tutor, teaching Year 3 children to degree level students across London.

Since I have benefited from an elite education, I know through personal experience, that if students receive high-quality tutoring, they can reach the very top. I meticulously prepare bespoke lessons that will stay with them long I’ve gone. No single class is ever the same, and more importantly, I set achievable goals for both students and parents.

My main tutoring areas are KS3, GCSE and A-level. I specialise in Maths, Sciences, Business Studies, Economics, and Law. I also provide expert guidance and academic counselling to students wanting to apply for MBA and LLM degrees at Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

Since every student is different, I devise tailored learning programmes that allow them to try new ways of learning without fear of failure. Therefore, if you want enlightened and modern tutoring that will transform your children’s academic future, I am the right choice for you.


5 (10 reviews)
Nazia S

I am extremely pleased to say that Louis is a fantastic tutor. He is punctual, has a great way of teaching, and an eye for detail. He picked up my son's weakness in the first lesson, took the time and focussed on these points. after only 4 lessons my son had his AS chemistry resit exam from a U he got a C, which me and my son are very pleased with. He helped my son to gain his confidence back again. My son now has a positive attitude towards his studies, he once again is enjoying his studies like before.

I would recommend Louis to anyone who is struggling. As Louis has the patience to teach.


Tessa D

Louis is an outstanding tutor. My son is actually starting to like science more because he re-assures, encourages and allow my son to think outside the box. The making of critical thinking.
Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

Mrs Bola T

Louis is a punctual, friendly and amazing tutor who is very knowledgeable in his subject areas. His lessons are very engaging and interactive which has improved my son’s learning.

Kevin Z

A good teacher

Yuqi G

Louis has his own unique teaching methods, and allows me to quickly grasp the knowledge points.

Marina L

Louis has been tutoring me since February 2017 at which point I was on a U in both mathematics and chemistry AS-level, I took both exams at the end of this year and came out with 2 A's so I couldn't recommend him enough. He plans his lessons very well and explains things in ways that can easily be understood.

Nicki C

Hi are you ok to do lesson today for Abbie? Around 1

Lauryn L

Louis is a very dedicated, reliable tutor.
He was always on time to my lessons, and he gave me a lot of confidence when it comes to my own abilities at maths.
Louis has taught me how to overcome my fears of my weaknesses, and to see maths more positively and by looking at it as logic, as we do use maths in our everyday lives and we don't even realise it, which means to Louis and I that you cant be that terrible at maths.
I feel like Louis has helped me to think like a maths genius !
Louis ensures that you understand everything, and thoroughly, and I will dearly miss Louis teaching me.
Thanks so much Louis.
I recommend Louis to anyone who is worried about their exams and needs a bit of a booster.
Louis is the tutor for that.

Alan C

Louis is tremendously enthusiastic about his teaching. He took the necessary time to understand my son's knowledge gaps and has begun to instil confidence where there was uncertainty before. Thank you, Louis!

Andrea M

My son has had two fantastic lessons with Louis, and has come away beaming as he finally understands the work. Louis works in a lovely quiet, sympathetic manner and helps to make every topic crystal clear.

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