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Namita G

5 (2 reviews)

**** Currently only tutoring students for the summer holidays until September before I go back to Oxford; probably most applicable to those taking the 11+ and 13+ exams****

I am a current undergraduate student studying Medical Sciences in Oxford. I really find value in passing on information to others and educating people in a field that I have managed to and continue to learn about. For this reason, since I have completed my 11+ (since 2009) I have successfully been tutoring students to pass their 11+ and providing them guidance for GCSE Maths. So far all students I have helped for their 11+ have not only simply passed, but their have attained the top marks from their school. For Maths GCSE, my students have managed to boost their results by at least 2 grades.
The aim is to help improve my students, really getting them to understand their subject rather than just doing it to pass.
For Maths help, I can guide students from any age up to Maths AS level.


5 (2 reviews)
Shabana B

Namita has been very helpful with my daughter, she has raised up my daughter’s speed and accuracy to perform in a test in a very short time and also quite gentle with her so my daughter feels quite at ease. Highly efficient .

Christabel K

Namita is very helpful as she explains the work in a way that my daughter understands. She also speaks in a clear, friendly tone. My daughter is very happy as she is sure that with Namita as her tutor she will be able to improve her grade significantly.

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