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Torii D

5 (6 reviews)

Mr Wood’s Fossil shop in Edinburgh has always been a place of fascination and intrigue for me from the time of my first visit at a young age. It was there that my interest in rocks and fossils began and I started collecting samples and books that stretched my imagination with logical arguments and assumptions. The Geology and Petroleum Geology undergraduate course at Aberdeen University was an ideal course, and has given me an excellent grounding. My choice of degree courses are based on my intention to work within the Environmental Science arena.

I have recently finished studying MSc Geochemistry at St Andrews University and working on my thesis, centred around molybdate inhibiting the metabolic processes of sulphate reducing bacteria, which can be related to modern and past oceanic and atmospheric geochemistry.

My studies have given me the opportunity to further develop my interests in this ever-evolving and ever-changing world, bringing me closer to my goals of contributing to our future by exploring the core of our environment through its past. Research and field work have been some of the highlights of my study, enabling me to operate independently and in a group. Combined with working with ‘real world’ geological data and fossils, I have developed problem solving skills and the ability to look at things from a much wider perspective. Working on my undergraduate dissertation on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and my field study in April 2017 in Spain on the Rio Tinto River greatly enhnced my field based skills, developing a more critical and analytical approach to study and research.

Outside of the lecture theaters I participated as a member of the St Andrews and Aberdeen University Fencing Teams. My competitive mind set and a determination to succeed has proven to be useful tools in my academic life. As a British Academy of Fencing and Scottish Fencing qualified Sabre Coach, I had the responsibility of coaching and mentoring a number of newcomers to the sport as well as supporting fellow team members. I enrolled with the OTC in my first year at Aberdeen University and continued training with them for the four years of my degree course. My training has given me the advantage of learning many varied skills, particularly survival and leadership skills under extreme pressure, whilst developing my self-discipline and team building skills. In 2013 following the rewarding challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, I was presented with my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award at Holyrood House in Edinburgh.

Participating in these varied activities, the demands of which, tested my mental and physical endurance to the limit, have greatly contributed to developing skills that will benefit me in my personal, academic and professional life. Time management has been a key factor in my time at both Aberdeen and St Andrews, and my activities both in and out of the lecture theaters have well prepared and equipped me for the demands required to succeed in my chosen academic and career path.


5 (6 reviews)
Lorraine C

Torii has been tutoring our daughter for the past few months to assist for the upcoming NAT 5 Chemistry exam. The lessons have given her much more confidence with Chemistry and there has been a noticeable improvement in her knowledge. Torii always takes the time to fully explain and ensure she has a good understanding. Highly recommended, professional tutor.

Nurgis H

Very good teacher. Made my daughter feel comfortable and taught her well. Friendly, honest and lovely teacher.

Gina S

My son has improved already after only one lesson

Garry C

My Son feels comfortable with his tutor and finds his teaching method easy to understand.

Stephanie B

Really friendly and a great tutor!

Megan D

Great tutor, patient and ensures that you are following and understanding what is being explained.

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