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Joshua A

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I'm a PhD student and tutor at the university of Bath, I've recently moved back to South Shropshire to write up my thesis and I am continuing to tutor since I have found it to be one of the most enjoyable parts of doing a PhD. (I should note I will not be moving again until the end of summer so will be able to give lessons right up until the exams.) I've several years experience tutoring, mostly at degree level but more recently teaching GCSE maths.

I started tutoring in the final year of my MMath degree in Bath and continued onward into the PhD.
During these last four years I have tutored a range of different topics in mathematics to first year undergraduates. Specifically I have taught pure mathematics such as probability, analysis, algebra and discrete mathematics but I have also taught statistics for business students (quantitative methods) alongside Microsoft excel and introductory statistics with R (a statistics programming language).

From teaching the business statistics course at Bath I have experience teaching students who struggle with mathematics since many of the students taking the course had not done any maths for two years prior. I would say my main strength is being able to take a difficult problem and provide concrete steps for tackling that problem to any student.

On the other hand given my knowledge of the area I can answer questions beyond the current curriculum for interested students. This also means I can give keen students a head start for the future, or simply provide engaging and challenging material for interest.

As an assurance I note that tutors at the university of Bath are monitored and feedback is given for every subject taught every semester, and I take pride in getting good feedback each semester!


5 (1 reviews)
Debbie D

Josh is an excellent tutor who has helped my daughter greatly with her confidence in maths. His sessions are very well planned and conducted in a calm and friendly manner with lots of encouragement. My daughter is now beginning to enjoy the subject and looks forward to her next lesson. I can highly recommend him.

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