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Shelly B

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To be a learner is to be awake and alert, to be dissatisfied at all times.

My name is Shelly I am an MBA (mktg.) with three years of teaching experience.

I have worked as a subject teacher (Business studies and economics) for the age group 14-19 years old.

Some of my best traits of my personality are honesty, loyalty, Sincerity, trustworthiness and completing any task given to me to the greatest of my ability .

For me teaching is not just an profession but a continuous journey of learning not just about the subject related concepts but a very important aspect of our lives ; Human behaviour.

I enjoy Working with childrenĀ  as I feel that education is a great way to make positive difference in the young lives , which our future of the country.
I am a person who enjoys learning and furthering my knowledge as well creating a fun and positive learning environment.

I can work under any environment stressful or peaceful and I am determined to work to the best of my potential all the time.

Due to many experiences I have endured, it has given me the opportunity to have gained the ability to cope with the pressure of any kind .

With acknowledgement of skills that I possess I have gained the ability to pride myself on being an enthusiastic team member, responsible, Organised, able to take initiative and being disciplined . I totally believe in student -centred approach where they can be involved to the maximum to gain insights in the subjects they study during lessons.

I aspire to be a positive and a motivating Teacher/mentor to my students.


5 (1 reviews)
Ramni P

Shelly as provided great support for my son and made him very confident in the subject.

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