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Kari B

5 (13 reviews)

A professional musician and qualified piano teacher based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.

- Fully DBS checked.
- Piano teacher - over 10 years experience
- Bachelor and Master degrees

I teach all ages from the young to the young at heart. Whether you are a parent looking for piano lessons for your child, or an adult who always wanted to play or develop your playing further, I believe I can help you.

I combine a thorough technical knowledge of the piano with a comprehensive knowledge of the repertoire. My technical ideas combine traditional methods with modern, creative techniques, in a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere to release your full potential as an artist.

10+ years of teaching experience with Bachelor and Master conservatory degrees and have worked as a teacher and performer in the UK on festivals like BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, Isle of Wight, Waves Vienna, Opener Festival and more all over Europe.


Sight Reading
My piano lessons will do more than simply teach you how to play a few songs on the piano. Students will become well versed in both playing by ear and by sight. In a carefully sequenced, step-by-step progression, students learn all the intricacies of written music, including clefs, time signature, rhythmic notation, pitch notation, key signature, dynamics, articulations, and how to apply them, so that in time, the students will be able to sit down, open up any piece of music, and start jamming!

From the very beginning, students will learn the importance of good posture and hand position. They’re taught how to position the piano bench at the right height and distance from the keyboard, how to hold their body, arms, and hands, and how to shape their fingers and use their wrists for the most effective playing. Exercises to strengthen hands and fingers help students feel more comfortable at the keys now and prepare them for more challenging performance in the future.

Learning to play other people’s music is great, but it’s only half the fun. We believe that musicians are not truly fluent in the language of music until they feel comfortable and confident creating their OWN music. Relax–it’s not as hard as it seems. It just takes a little practice and the assurance that when improvising there are no right or wrong notes. Just like a conversation, you play whatever you want to express!

Music Theory
My teaching method equips students to be able to understand music at a deep level. Music theory concepts, such as chords and meter, scales are taught in clear and creative ways throughout the method, helping to change the old notion that music theory is boring as students realize what fun it can be when taught the right way.

Please contact me with any questions or for more information, or to schedule a time.
I look forward hearing from you!


5 (13 reviews)
Linda H

Kari is an excellent piano teacher. My 5-year-old son and my 7-year-old daughter love her piano lessons very much. She is very patient, kind and friendly with our children.

Yan W

My 6-years-old daughter takes lessons with Kari. Kari is very talented piano teacher with effective teaching methods, she has a great attitude and has been very patient, which makes Isabella feel comfortable and relaxed.
Kari not only teach on technique, but also theory, effective practicing, her positive and encouraging teaching style helps Isabella to gain confidence and progress steadily.
lessons with Kari are always full of fun and very enjoyable, my daughter can’t wait to see her every week ^_^

Christine G

I've had a few lessons with Kari and I'm really enjoying it. She's calm and patient, and goes at my pace. If you're thinking of taking up the piano, I would recommend her.

Christine G

I've had a few lessons with Kari,

Agnieszka S

I’m a mature beginner and Kari has been my piano tutor for the last few months. I’ve tried sessions with different teachers and I’m very happy with my choice. Kari is extremely skillfull, patient and warm tutor. I admire her professional techniques and ability to create fantastic tutor – student dynamics during the sessions. I found that Kari offers much more than just learning sessions, but also gives the opportunity to participate in variety of social and charity music events.

Jade C

Kari is lovely! Can't wait to learn more and enjoy playing piano! X

Alice T

As an adult student returning to piano after years, I was very nervous but Kari immediately put me at ease. She and I worked out what I remembered and have been moving at a great pace learning a wide variety of music from classical to blues and more popular modern pieces. She also pushes me with understanding theory and keeps every lesson different and exciting, but I always feel comfortable in her lessons. I would recommend her to any friend and encourage anyone thinking of taking up (or re-starting) piano to go for it!

Magda S

My son is very happy to have a piano lessons with Kari. She is a lovely person, very good Teacher and gives a very good lessons. My son learned a lot till he started. He is enjoying it!Thank you

Nick H

Brilliant tutor, highly recommend

Jayne D

Kari is a great tutor. My 10 year old daughter responds so well to the variety of teaching approaches which means a lesson is never monotonous or boring. Kari is very engaging and inspires my daughter to improve each lesson.

Chen T

Kari is a great teacher and would definitely recommend to anyone. Very experienced, very encouraging and caters to your needs. Best teacher I've had!

Joanne D

Kari has been teaching my 7 year old daughter piano for the last 3 months and is a fantastic teacher. I would highly recommend Kari. The lessons are to a high standard and my daughters progress since beginning is more than I could of hoped for and my daughter looks forward to going every time :)

Jen D

Kari is a fantastic piano tutor. She teaches my 5 and 7 year old girls and is very patient, creative and has lots of ways to make the lessons fun and engaging. The girls love going to their lessons and are learning at a fast pace both playing and reading the music. I would highly recommend Kari.

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