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Rosario N

5 (9 reviews)
Newcastle upon Tyne

I'm a Philosophy graduate with a passion for languages - and for passing that knowledge on!

I enjoy teaching in a structured manner with a range of supporting materials, including but not limited to, games, activities, reading and problems. I'm usually result driven, so if you have a clear vision of what you'd like to achieve from the lessons, then great, I'll help you get there. If you don't, then I can help you set a goal so we can make our time as productive as possible. I'm happy to teach a small group - just message me for more details!

Please see below for my different areas of expertise.



I have lived in Argentina, France and the UK. My mother tongue is Spanish, and at GCSE I got one of the top 10 results in the country. I have experience with the new GCSE AQA syllabus and can impart some top tips to help you succeed in your exams. I also have experience teaching adults Spanish for travelling purposes. I enjoy using real-life scenarios with plenty of practical information.


KS1 & KS2

Whilst living in France, I looked after three children between the ages of 3 and 11, and helping them with their homework on a daily basis. I am a patient teacher and greatly enjoy giving children the tools for them to solve problems on their own. Here in the UK, I have guided KS1 and KS2 students through their studies, especially with English, Maths and handwriting. Whilst in France, I also participated in a language exchange, whereby I would teach English to adults primarily via guided conversation.



Philosophy is a real passion of mine, and I take great pride in being able to communicate most of the complicated philosophical jargon in a straight-forward manner anyone can understand. In my studies I have concentrated on Western Philosophy (ethics, continental and analytical). I have also taken Philosophy A Level, so I am well acquainted with the curriculum.


I may happy to travel beyond 5 miles for a small fee.
Please get in touch for more information, especially regarding any subjects not mentioned above.


5 (9 reviews)
Nousha A

Rosario is reliable and has been very flexible with our needs. We are adult learners with a 4yr old who likes to participate in some of the lessons. Rosario has engaged with him whilst also working on the basics with us.

Monik D

Very professional tutor, good connectio with my daughter after first lesson, clear explanations and lot of examples to help her understanding , well organised - prepared for lessons, highly recommend

Louise B

Rosario is a super tutor, she explains things clearly and her sessions are well focussed and structured. We have only had a few but they are proving very helpful indeed. She is also always punctual.

Kiran S

Rosina is very professional and my daughter came out happy frm her lesson.

Abdul R

Very helpful tutor and she knows what she is doing. Very well prepared before she comes to lessons. Highly recommend.

Hollie W

Can’t recommended enough! My son hasn’t had long with Rosario and he is already feeling super comfortable with her and enjoying the lessons so much. He came out of the last lesson he had full of life, telling me everything he had done with so much enthusiasm! Rosario is fantastic with children. Ben is really enjoying the lessons and she is clearly very talented and skilled at what she does! Highly recommend and I’m really looking forward to watching just how much my son develops from this because after only a few lessons he is already getting so much from it. I’m overjoyed! Thank you. 5STAR ***** :)

Sarah H

Rosario is a friendly, professional and knowledgeable tutor. She has delivered several lessons, focusing on conversation, for my son, who is approaching his GCSEs next summer and we are impressed with her approach, organisation, reliability and punctuality. We intend to keep going with her lessons. I recommend.

Jayne W

I have been having Spanish lessons with Rosario for a couple of months.
I had no knowledge of the language and I am a beginner, She has been extremely patient and understanding with me.
She is always on time for lessons.
The lessons are fun, interesting and varied.
I am thoroughly enjoying each lesson.
Thank You Rosario

Mira R

Ros has been really good at getting my son on board with working after school. My son feels totally at ease, and he doesn't feel as though he is doing work as Ros is making it fun for him. Ros is very comforting and is a big help with guiding and tutoring my son. Thank you.

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