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Victor Manuel G

5 (3 reviews)

"Our son really blossomed under Victor’s enthusiastic guidance and tutelage. He returned from his weekly lesson brimming with positivity and confidence in speaking Spanish. After seven months with Victor, Joe received a school certificate of outstanding learning in Spanish. And, with Victor’s further support, he gained an A* in his Spanish GSCE". Lizzie & Chris Boyle, London

"I was impressed with his strengths in relating to the students. The classroom climate was one of mutual respect, friendship, and a sincere understanding of each student’s self esteem and ability level. Students were comfortable seeking out Mr. Gonzalez for additional help, which he gave readily. Because of his creativity and enthusiasm, students responded positively to his lessons". Ancisar Morales, Headteacher of Esforal, London

"We are very grateful for the support and guidance Victor has shown his student over their time working together and are sad to see him move away". Miriam Koehle, Programme Coordinator of The Access Project, London


A Bachelor in Education degree and years of experience working with children make me an adaptive and versatile professional with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child’s imagination and breed success.Because of my commitment to teaching I am quite eager to continue learning and I have attended several seminars and courses focused on special needs, diversity and inclusion, equality and social skills into the classroom.

In terms of my experience, I am currently working as a supply primary school teacher with the Edinburgh Council. In this position I prepare lesson plans and teach pupils in accordance with the national curriculum. I am also responsible for providing students with necessary feedback, criticism, encouragement and support.

Previously, I worked as a volunteer tutor with “The Access Project” for pupils who need extra practice before taking their CGSE and A-level exams. I planned and broke down the content of the lessons so that they made sense, inspiring young people’s minds with new ideas and insights into different cultures.

Additionally, I worked as a teacher of Spanish in ESFORAL Supplementary School, where I created a positive learning environment, including cultural content in my teaching, such as songs, rhymes and stories. Through a constructive methodology I developed lesson plans in which all the children felt valuable and had opportunities and confidence to learn.

I also worked as a language partner in Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School. In this position I successfully planned and organised both fun and educational activities, making sure that the children under my care developed and learnt in a safe and supportive environment.

Regard other relevant interest and skills I am very interested in a range of art and culture forms (photography, music and origami) as well as activities related to the enjoyment of the natural environment (hiking and climbing). Because of that I love to plan and supervise craft and music activities to help my pupils to learn and develop their different skills.


5 (3 reviews)
Fran H

We cannot thank Victor enough for the help he has given our teenage son who is about to sit his exams. What ever the eventual outcome, it will only have been achieved through his dedicated support and inspiring teaching.
Thank you from us all

Katie D

I have been tutored by Victor for a month and a half now and I've learnt so much, he's really listened to what I want to learn and has made the lessons fun and engaging. He's really kind and supportive and I would highly recommend Victor as a tutor for all ages and abilities. I'm really enjoying being tutored by Victor.

Victor has really helped our daughter progress with her spanish conversation and vocabulary, and is noticeably more confident. Victor is punctual, organised and reliable. We are very pleased with Victor's tuition and would definitely recommend him as a tutor.

Tim P

Our two kids (7 and 5) have been 'working' with Victor for four weeks now (1 hour a week) and they love it. Really engaging, even managing to keep the younger one on track for almost the whole session!

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