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Monika K

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Hey, there!
I am a very passionate student and teacher. I love languages and science. Me as you started from scratch. I spent 5 years learning the Spanish language with a deep philological and linguistical focus. Then I decided to live and study in Spain! There I followed my passion for science thus I graduated in Psychology in Madrid, spending my year abroad at the University of Manchester where I focused on Neuropsychology.
When it comes to my teaching experience, while I was studying in Spain I worked as an English Tutor helping young kids and adults learn English. So, I am quite experienced at teaching a foreign modern language. On the other hand I have been teaching Spanish to beginners through Tutora for over a year. I have worked with both beginners and more intermediate students.
My experience so far has proven to me that I get pure joy out of teaching so I decided to dedicate more of my time to it. I believe that my degree in Psychology, especially Neuropsychology, gives me a great foundation which I could use to help you tackle any problems or uncertainties you might be having. I firmly believe that my first hand experience with the subject at University granted me with different metacognitive techniques which helped me understand all the concepts, the scientific method, or even the brain and its areas, neurotransmitters and in general our behaviour and its interaction with the inner and outer world which, for me, is the beginning of the human psychology.
Nevertheless, I always consider the needs of the student and adapt my lessons accordingly! On the other hand, I offer a half-priced trial class for the student to see how they will enjoy working with me. Once we have started working together I offer an all over the week support via email, correcting exercises or giving feedback on homework and class work, if needed, for free!
I am offering you all my knowledge about how our brains work and learn at their best and about what techniques I used to win that war over the Spanish 'subjuntivo'! I promise you new and alternative ways to get yourself around both Spanish and Psychology.
At this moment I have a full time job and no car which limits my ability to teach primarly online. However, some travelling is considered, so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me!


4 (1 reviews)
Kinga S

She explains everything really well and I feel much more confident in Spanish.

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