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Monika K

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Hey, there!

I am a very passionate student and teacher. I love languages and science. Me as you started from scratch. I spent 5 years learning the Spanish language with a deep philological and linguistical focus. When it comes to my teaching experience, I was studying in Spain when I started working as an English Tutor, helping young kids and adults learn English. So, I am quite experienced at teaching a foreign modern language. On the other hand, I have been teaching Spanish to beginners through Tutorful for over a year. I have worked with both beginners and more intermediate students. Lastly, I am a native Bulgarian speaker with good experience in teaching it as a foreign language. I know how useful it could be to know the Cyrillic alphabet. Trust me it is easier than it looks!
As it comes to my tutoring method, I always consider the needs of the student and adapt my lessons accordingly! On the other hand, I offer a half-priced trial class for the student to see how they will enjoy working with me. Once we have started working together I offer an all over the week support via email, correcting exercises or giving feedback on homework and class work, if needed, for free!

At this moment I have a full time job and no car which limits my ability to teach primarly online. However, some travelling is considered, so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me!


4 (1 reviews)
Kinga S

She explains everything really well and I feel much more confident in Spanish.

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