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Bevan H

5 (6 reviews)

Hi, I'm Bevan, a final year Masters student in Mathematics at the University of York. As a friendly, communicative and patient 21-year-old, I believe I can relate to and get the best from students studying mathematics at all levels.

Maths can be a tricky thing. I understand first hand how pupils can have a difficult relationship with Maths, and strive to make it more accessible and to unlock their full potential so they may achieve the results they are capable of. At all levels of Maths that I would be tutoring at I achieved the maximum possible grade, so I feel I have the relevant experience of these courses.

I have tutored several hundred hours to those studying at many different levels; not only those in education but also those needing assistance vocational applications of maths.

Confidence is often the key factor when dealing with Maths- all of my students have reported an increase in confidence as well as results after having regular lessons.

I am a very friendly, down to earth guy, and am able to communicate both concisely and articulately to suit the needs of the situation. I see myself as relatable for pupils and feel I will be able to communicate with and teach them efficiently.

I am based in York, and am able to travel within a reasonable distance. I also offer online tuition, and have experience with the online classroom platform offered by Tutorful. I am flexible with times and aim to offer good value tuition, hence my fair hourly rate.


5 (6 reviews)
Paul B

Bevan was an excellent teacher. He has really helped me with an exam coming up and I now feel a lot more confident. I highly recommend him.

Louise S

Bevan has exceeded our expectations. He is reliable and conscientious. He plans and considers the best approach for the individual student. His attitude is great he is calm and puts you at ease. This has really helped boost
confidence in order to fulfil potential and also really enjoy Maths.
He has great skills and aptitude for teaching.

Louise S

Bevan is an excellent tutor. He is reliable and concientious.

Jane B


James P

Great tutor! Breaks problems down and makes sure you're understanding as you go.

Takashi Y

Bevan is very dedicated and friendly. He has motivated my boy and given a fair confidence. Recommended!

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