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Dominik O


I am a second year MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering student at The University of Plymouth. Throughout my education and outside activities, I have expanded a control approach towards any task that I am thrown at. I am a progressive person. In addition, a very motivated and hard working individual. I received A*, GCSE, A, A-level in mathematics and last year first-class in my first year.

I have been teaching primary and high school students from year 1 until year 11 including for 4 years now. I believe it is really important to rapidly spot where the issue lies, put it on the right track as it would help to make a student confident in the subject. Once it comes closer to exam period, I would do a lot of questions and past papers as then the student gets used to the questions, making it easier to ace the exam.

"To be the best, learn from the best." - Darren LaCroix

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