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Amin U

5 (3 reviews)

Availability: Thursday Evening; Friday Evening; Saturday after 1pm; Sunday 2-5pm; [All weekdays 8:15-9:15pm via online tuition]

I have tutored more than 30 GCSE, A level and 11+ students all over London, in home, online and in tuition centres. This has led to over 3500 hours of tuition, with students obtaining fantastic grades. I study Masters of Pharmacy at UCL (the 7th best University in the world) and I've achieved 7 A* GCSE grades. I confidently, and enthusiastically, teach English, Maths and Sciences in core exams such as the 11+, SATs, GCSE and A levels. I am exuberant when endeavouring a student to accelerate academically, beyond their "target grades" and I know that parents hold the same view. Hence, my extensive tutoring experience, complimented with targeted exam preparations means students accelerate massively.

I will:

-Teach the full content required in preparation for the exams.
-Ensure examination questions are practiced in-depth and answered in the way that mark schemes specify. 
-Provide learning content+ relevant homework per session.
-Provide free after session consultations to discuss methods of improving learning.
-Undergo regular assessments-for evidence based grade progression.

The above is what I like to call, “providing the entire package”. Timing wise, I am extremely flexible and, indeed, punctual. I have an innate feature of make learning energetic and bringing about enthusiasm within students so that they continue to harness their learning naturally, without my presence. One main aim of my tutoring position is to employ students with key skills needed to efficiently revise, especially independently. Thus, during crucial tuition periods, more time is spent approaching exam content, such as examination questions and reports and picking upon more complex revision content. However, all content is still taught from basic to the highest of levels, to ensure full understanding of all topics. 

I understand that examinations such as 11+ and GCSE’s are becoming harder, more extensive, year by year. My strong understanding of examination boards such as EDEXCEL, AQA, OCR;WJEC and updated grading systems such as the new 9-1 grades, means that my students have a tutor who holds recent, strong, academic knowledge of the curriculum, extensive experience, convenience and an aptitude to significantly improve your child’s confidence and grades!


- Provision of University interview preparation (mock interviews)
-Careers/education advice
-Coursework help/exemplars
-UCAS process guidance
-Personal Statement help/reviewing
-Scholarship Applications
-Work experience placement finding help
-Short initial assessment provided

Just so you know:

-I live very close to central London: Hence I have great access to all regions of London.
-You can ask to contact a parent of a previous student of mine, to get a real, genuine review.
-I have a recent DBS check- so you can be sure of your child’s safety around me.

I look forward to hear from you and, hopefully starting a tuition session with you soon. Have a great day!


5 (3 reviews)
Ensieh G

Amin is a knowledgeable tutor who is very passionate about his work. He wants the best for his students and tries to bespoke his lesson according to his student abilities. He makes his lessons as productive as possible and in a friendly way which creates a lively learning environment.

Mohamed H

Started off with the first week having already completed a topic. Good structure in understanding the subject and having a lot of practice papers to make sure I understand 110%. Easy to understand with good explanations and making sure there is no stress at all.

Louise N

Amin has recently started tutoring my son in 11+ and is doing an excellent job. He is friendly, dedicated and all ready I see a big improvement in my sons understanding of certain things. He is also able to maintain his attention for 2 hours which I did not think possible! I can highly recommend him.

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