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Ondrej B

5 (5 reviews)

I am a 23-year-old student who has been tutoring privately for more than seven years. I specialise on maths, but I have taught most academic subjects with exception of arts.

I need to know my students. Therefore, I prefer to have a chat before the first lesson (free of charge) to figure out what is required, expected, what methods work, etc. I am very patient (everyone learns at a different pace) and I explain concepts as simply as possible with a lot of examples, analogies and visualisation to make the subject as approachable as possible. I regularly check if students understood what I said by CCQs and little tests. I use a lot of technology because it is indispensable in this century and it helps to speed up learning.

I usually work with students on the long-term basis. We diagnose a problem (if there is any), set up a goal, clarify check points, explain good studying habits, go through the material, drills, homework and mock tests, talk about exams (anxiety and peer pressure) and their future career. However, I have also done a few short-term projects such as final preparation for the A-level tests, linear algebra and discrete maths tests and essay proofreading.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. I love working with young people and answering questions like: Why is this useful? Why should I learn this? What? I'll never use this in real life...
I'll do my best to accommodate your needs/dreams in my schedule with all other of my students....

Thank you for reading of my profile


5 (5 reviews)
Eashin A

This tutor was very helpful, definitely recommend him to other students!

Bryan A

I was having difficulties with my Economics at University, so I decided to take the plunge and look for a personal tutor. I contacted Ondrej who was an amazing tutor. He went through my lectures and tutorials with me and explained them to me in simple terms. He also spent time taking me through examples of the areas that I was having difficulty with.

I would recommend Ondrej to any student needing a personal tutor.

Callum D

Very helpful and informative 1 hour sessions which took place in the UoA library. Together we have been working on essay skills for my third year Economics as well as reviewing previous coursework.

Natalie M

Ondrej helped me to ace my Masters statistics course in a very short period of time. I got an A and would highly recommend his services.

Peter W


I have never used a private tutor before and after working on Math's on my own and decided to bite the bullet and pay for private tuttion. I messaged Ondrej and he me messaged me back. I wrote an email to explain my frustration at Maths

He replied to messages and then I asked if I could call him, we chatted about what he could provide for me, I told him that I was nervous about paying private and he said that is a natural concern, he was very friendly, understanding and polite

He came to my house and we chatted, He made his own examples and I felt that I didn't quite understand the lesson, This was not down to Ondrej more my understanding of maths but he provided an insight and breakdown that I could comprehend

He sent me the notes with detailed explanations, I explained my visual learning and the next time he came up, again he was early writing out handwritten notes on the subject. He changed his style to accommodate my needs and left homework for me to work on,

I really like Ondrej as a person and his teaching style, he listens to me and makes me understand maths in a way I have never seen until his teaching, I would highly recommend him

I booked a block session and have over 15 lessons pre-booked that he again emailed me with a complete break down of the subject matter and all the dates,


Peter Wood

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