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John B

5 (2 reviews)

I am dedicated professional teacher who has been teaching business and Information Technology for 15 years. I have had significant success in enabling students to pass courses and achieve qualifications.
I am a very supportive teacher who had taught a wide-range of students with different abilities. I am an excellent communicator who can explain complex subjects in a straight-forward manner that enables students to understand them and achieve their goals.
I am a very organised teacher and I provide students with clear structure that they can follow to enable them to develop both their academic abilities and self-confidence. In addition I am empathetic to the needs of students and creative in developing resources that enable students to understand the subject and enjoy the experience of learning and studying.
I have taught at Level 2 (GCSE) and Level 3 (A level) and students who are preparing to study a Master degree.


5 (2 reviews)
Nathan R

I highly recommend John. He is a fantastic tutor that thoroughly enjoys what he does.

Christine B

John explains economic concepts well. He makes my son think harder as he has to say which parts of his A level he wants to study and why.

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