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Beth M

5 (20 reviews)

I am currently taking bookings for online lessons with a September start at a discounted rate; please message me if you would like further information. Additionally, I do still have limited availability for online revision lessons for this year's GCSE exams. If you require a bit of last minute help, please get in touch.

I am a GCSE English Language specialist and have been selected to be an examiner for the summer exams. This gives me an excellent understanding of both the curriculum and exam requirements.

I have been working as a private English tutor for three years and have taught over 700 lessons. I really enjoy my job and have built excellent relationships with the students and families I work with. I am extremely proud of the feedback I have received, which you can view on my profile.

I have a Masters in Education and am a very experienced English teacher who is dedicated to helping students achieve their potential. I have been working as a teacher and intervention tutor in Secondary Schools in Sheffield for 10 years.

Through private tuition, I have helped students achieve the results they needed and better in their SATs, GCSEs and A levels. I have a proven track record of getting results. Additionally, I have recently helped students work towards and pass their 11+ entry exams for prestigious private and grammar schools.

I am part of the Teaching and Learning team and help create innovative strategies to engage pupils and support their progress. I have extensive experience of working with SEN learners and those who find English very difficult through to the most gifted and talented English students.

As well as an excellent working knowledge of the National Curriculum from KS3 to KS5, I have also undertaken phonics training and training to teach English as a second language.

I am enthusiastic and very approachable and believe that building a trusting relationship based on positivity is the best way to help students learn.


5 (20 reviews)
Murad U

Beth is a top class teacher, very dedicated and passionate about her subject. My son enjoyed every single lesson with her as they were very informative, interesting and challenging at the same time. Highly recommended.
Many thanks, Beth. You helped Yusuf a lot. You have got another thankful student as he did very well in his SATs.

Diane D

I really can't recommend Beth enough. She is so enthusiastic and encouraging to her students, explaining things in a clear & concise way. This has made such a huge difference to our son in preparation for his GCSE's. His confidence has grown through Beth's help and he's made real progress, which undoubtedly wouldn't have been as great without Beth's help.

Joanna R

Beth has been an absolutely amazing inspiration and support for my two sons, aged 11 and 13. We are abroad and needed english support ONLINE. It has been incredible to see how their writing and comprehension has improved but more importantly for me, their love of the english language and writing has been nurtured with great skill and care, to a level that now they are flowing out with beautiful metaphors, similes in our day to day life.
I am very grateful to Beth..thank you

Rick P

Very good tutor, really helping my son working with Beth for his upcoming exams and giving him extra confidence.

Zamir Y

My son is working hard with Beth and wants to achieve a minimum of grade 6. With Beth's help I have the confidence he can achieve that and who knows may even surprise us all with a higher grade!

Laura H

My daughter has had Beth for two lessons. Both lessons have so far been excellent Beth has a lovely nature and I'm sure she will be able to motivate my daughter and get the best out of her. Highly recommended. .

Amelia J

Beth is such a caring tutor,she as really helped our daughter with her English . We would really recommend her as a tutor

Jacqueline C

We have found Beth to be an accomodating, enthusiastic and inspiring tutor who has managed to motivate our son in a short space of time by providing him with​ helpful skills and techniques to tackle exams questions. We would highly recommend her.

Antony B

We found Beth to be an excellent Tutor for our daughter Grace. Her enthusiasm, cheerfulness and ability to engage with Grace immediately really impressed us. Grace has dramatically improved not only in ability but also in confidence. Beth restored her love for English as a subject, she now enjoys reading again and exploring the text. She really took time to find out what Grace enjoyed and was interested in so she could make the sessions as fun as possible. What was once my daughters weak area has now become one of her strengths. Highly recommend Beth!

Azza I

Beth is an amazing teacher. My daughter enjoys her lessons very much and looks forward to her lesson every week. Beth makes the lessons very enjoyable and I have noticed a significant improvement in my daughters English, she moved up a level in class after a few months of tutoring! I highly recommend her.

Julia S

Beth will plan lessons well for my son or will support him with his homework . He enjoys the lessons and is making good progress ! Thanks

Diane C

Beth is really lovely and a great tutor ! My son feels relaxed and able to progress with Beth's caring support.

Joanne A

My son has had a few lessons with Beth so far. He has enjoyed them and they are helping to improve his confidence. Beth helps him with his homework and is taking care to follow the scheme of work followed by his teachers at school. Its clear that she is a very experienced teacher and I'm confident that she will identify areas for improvement and help my son with them.

Simon C

Beth was awesome!

Val K

Beth is an excellent tutor, enthusiastic, encouraging and engaging
We can already see an improvement in our sons work and he has told us he has a better understanding of his lessons at school

Naomi H

Beth is a really pleasant tutor. Her knowledge and experience of the igcse English language syllabus is evident. Her teaching style is relaxed, yet structured and her explanations thorough yet easy to understand. My daughter, who is 15, and home schooled, enjoys Beth's as she uses resources that fit with her interests eg magazine's as she would like to go into journalism. Book with confidence, she is excellent.

Virginie D

Very good teacher ! Thank you

Sarah F

Had Beth now for my son over the past few weeks and he really enjoys the lesson and doing very well which is a bit achievement as my son does have a few difficulties so really pleased that he likes her and doing well
Highly recommend Beth as a tutor :))

Christine E

My son has had 2 lessons with Beth and I am very impressed. She is very friendly, has a good understanding of my son' s needs, offers lots of praise and has put him at ease. She appears to have a lot of experience and I have already seen positive changes in my son's work.

Christina D

Beth and Annabelle had a great lesson - I think it will be a good match and build much needed confidence.

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