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Richard W

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After a 2/1 degree in Pure Maths and Statistics(Queen's University, Belfast 1970) and a MSc in Statistics(Univ.of Kent, 1971) I did statistical work in the civil service on the Census of Population for 3 yrs I followed this up with a postgraduate diploma in Social Statistics(Univ of Southampton (1975)

I then did my first teaching work:1 year teaching part-time Maths on BTEC courses at Southampton College of Technology; and then a year full-time as a lecturer in Statistics and Operational Research at Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry.

I came to London and began teaching substantial part-time Adult Numeracy in a number of adult education institutes over a 5 year period.

This led to work in sixth form centres teaching adults and 16-19 yr old students mostly at GCSE level.
I obtained a full-time post at Hackney college(1992-1995)with a focus on helping English as a second language students. The work was mostly at GCSE level.

When Home Office funding ran out I returned to part time Maths college work tutoring adults on access courses and younger students basic Numeracy(key skills) or GCSE.

From 2002-2005 I obtained a second full-time Maths lecturing post at Hackney college and taught mostly GCSE and A level students. At the end of the period I was responsible for a small A level team.
I did 2 more years at Hackney College teaching part-time on GCSE and A level courses before retiring in 2008.
I had previously done some 1 to 1 tutoring in students' homes.
From then on I did a lot more helping students on a one to one basis from 6yrs old(mostly using games) through to older primary age children doing yr6 SATS to students at , pre-GCSE level up to GCSE/IGCSE and A level and Further Mathematics.
I also helped some adults on GCSE courses or who needed help for job tests.incl QTS.entry.

Throughout the period I was a member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics(ATM) and through reading their journal and attending some of their events I was introduced to some of the most effective ways of teaching Maths including making it interesting and fun.
I keep in touch with recent Maths syllabus changes and research into better teaching and I like to pass on my belief that MATHS IS ENJOYABLE.

I believe its important to develop a rapport with each student and see them as a whole person with different life values and interests as well as someone who studies Maths. Sometimes I can bring in some Maths that relates directly to a personal interest e.g. football or art. or in one case Harry Potter books( looking at word lengths in a100 word extract)

I help student with their current school topics all the time aiming for greater depth of understanding.
To help students be more articulate about a particular Maths topic I might ask them to explain it to an imaginary fellow student who hasnt yet "got it".

To increase their understanding I like to point out how different areas of Maths are relared e.g. at a basic level I use a card game where students match up fractions by word,number, picture, point on a ruler, as a decimal, or as a % and then create their own cards for fractions.not in the original set ,
To encourage good problem solving skills I sometimes use puzzles and investigations which require different Maths skills and when students solve the problems with minimal hints from me they can see Maths as much more than doing endless examples from textbooks.

I like to create a learning environment where students can make mistakes and see this as part of the learning process

For students in exam years In particular I discuss how they can best get themselves prepared to peak at the right time. As part of their preparation I have sometimes helped students prepare topic revision cards using their own words and pictures; and sometimes creating posters showing all the different aspects of a subject e.g solving equations showing algebraic and graphical methods for solving linear and quadratic equations.

Thats my bio.
Having just moved to Hull Im hoping to have a few students here at different levels to support before I finally retire in a few years.


5 (2 reviews)
Kerrie R

Richard is really understanding. He works to make my son understand what he has to do and makes the lessons fun. Really good tutor my son looks forward to his lessons

Daniel M

Great tutor, my daughter says that she is getting lots of support and confidence from these lessons and the tutor Richard is very helpful and knowlagable

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