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Manuel R


Hola, my name is Manuel and I would be thrilled to be your personal Spanish tutor!

Would you like to set yourself apart from the rest by learning proper Spanish, or Castellano?

As you may already know, Castellano is free from influences of local dialects and accents, enabling you to communicate fluently with other Spanish speakers, from Bilbao to Seville, from Lima to Buenos Aires - a great attribute if you are seeking to learn Spanish for business/employment purposes.

Likewise, if you need to perfect and polish your Spanish for a tough exam, doing so in proper Castellano will guarantee a pass with flying colors! Remember, not all Spanish is proper Castellano!

Having grown up in various different regions of Spain in addition to having a family background in Spanish Linguistics and Literature (myself having studied Environmental Studies at university) and being an avid book lover, allow me to give my students not only quality and time-efficient conversational classes, but also carefully constructed grammar classes based on their needs, requirements and prior knowledge.

I have also recently collaborated with ZigZag Education, a publishing company based in Bristol, in the elaboration of an advanced level Spanish teaching/learning resource for non-Spanish speakers (to be publishes later this year). The experience helped me better understand the needs of non-Spanish students wanting to learn (or improve) Spanish. I aim to apply this knowledge in the private lessons with my students.

So whether you are looking to better your conversational Spanish or wanting to learn to write/read/speak Castellano from the very beginning, I'm the right tutor for you!

* I will also consider traveling outside my fixed radius for a small fee (to be agreed upon by the student and myself)*

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