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Anna V


I'm an experienced language teacher with a student-centred approach and sensitivity to individual learners' needs. Highly creative and resourceful, utilising a variety of teaching materials and methods to encourage learner engagement, build confidence and facilitate steady progress towards goals. Experience of preparing students for examinations and working with a wide range of ages and abilities in both a classroom and 1:1 setting.

As a native German speaker and a CELTA qualified English teacher to learners of foreign language. I have more than one year of work experience of teaching German and English in a language school in Switzerland, both for professional and personal use. I have more than three years of experience in personal tutoring. I have a great language awareness, as I am trilingual and I have the experience of learning foreign languages myself.

Outside teaching, I am an artist and writer. I enjoy being in nature, swimming, meeting people, yoga, making music and travelling.

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