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Yen Chie L

5 (2 reviews)

My love for interaction with people and my passion for Mathematics, or studying in general, is what I think makes a good mix as a personal tutor.

Even in high school, and into College, I have taught and studied simultaneously as I enjoy sharing my knowledge as well as engaging others in the love to pursue knowledge. Mathematics is definitely a special subject to me, however I do share the same interest in other science subjects such as Biology and Chemistry. I hope to not only teach subjects but also to teach students how to study and be excited by it.

Please message me and we can organise lessons together.


5 (2 reviews)
Julie F

Lovely Girl. Great tutor. My daughter really benefitted from her extra tuition. Thanks for your help. Would recommend.

Gilbert N

Really helpful have learned loads from just two lessons also very patient when teaching so nothing gets rushed or left out.

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