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Dagmar S

5 (3 reviews)

I have extensive experience of teaching secondary school students who are finding learning challenging and who feel under pressure to achieve their GCSE target grades. I am able to simplify complex subjects and break them down into bite size pieces so that 'getting it' becomes suddenly possible.
As a health professions graduate and positive psychology coach, I understand the importance of teaching students how to self-manage their anxiety, how to challenge self-defeating thoughts, reframe setbacks and begin to believe that they can be successful.
Students find me a warm and approachable individual and I'm always in a calm space. I won't get ruffled by emotional outbursts and I don't mind how many times someone needs to ask a question. I also know that for optimal learning to take place, students need learning to be an enjoyable experience and so I make it my personal goal to ensure that it is.


5 (3 reviews)
Julie D

We are very pleased with Dagmar. My daughter will hopefully gain more confidence with her studies the more times she sees Dagmar. My daughter had said after her lesson that she had learned more in that hour than she has done in a few of her school lessons put together. Thank you.

Julie B

Dagmar is a genuinely nice person and with many years experience as a teacher she understands the curriculum that young people follow. Along with being prompt and reliable I feel that my son is getting the help that he needs and benefits from her warm and empathic nature.

Sophie K

We have just had two lessons so far with Dagmar. She has been super support for my 10 year old who as well as needing maths and English tuition, he also suffers with anxieties and Dagmar is patient and understanding in this area too!

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