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Christine D

5 (2 reviews)

I am very passionate about my subject, Science, in particular Biology. My lessons are engaging, interesting and fun. I am reliable, punctual and approachable. I am attracted to tutoring due to my wish to work with children and young adults and to help them learn, along with the desire to fulfill a worthwhile role in society, the expectation of intellectual stimulation, together with the wish to remain involved in my subject discipline of Science and to pass on my knowledge and personal enthusiasms.
I believe I am sincere and genuine, so creating an atmosphere of trust and able to build rapport with my students. When students feel able to trust me, they’ll behave more naturally, express themselves more honestly and be more likely to ask me for help. They’ll become more open to my expectations, and will also be able to take on board my criticism because they’ll understand that I have their best interests at heart. Crucially, they’ll try things beyond their comfort zone because they won’t be afraid of the consequences of making mistakes.
I have experience of teaching Core Science Biology, Chemistry and Physics at key stages 3 and 4, in particular, the new 'AQA GCSE Science A’ course over a range of abilities and AQA Additional Science. I can also give sound advice on revision techniques and planning and provide revision sessions if required. A word of advice, please do not leave revision sessions till last minute, although, late revision is better then no revision at all!
I will provide an introduction to a topic and follow a well planned step by step hour long lesson plan. The lesson will include an engaging starter, student centered tasks and a plenary. I will differentiate my lesson to the need of the student. The current scheme of learning will be followed and I will cover exam specifications.
I will tailor the lessons to your child's specific requirements, targeting any weaknesses and building on any strength that the student may have. I can ensure that I am familiar with all specifications and have access to past papers, mark schemes. The student will be tested regularly to ensure progress is being made.
When going through past papers, I provide expertise, experience, and encouragement.
I do not provide answers, but rather I assist in problem solving, in getting answers.


5 (2 reviews)
Donna M

Punctual informative teaching already feels more confident about his GCSE results

Coco L

I have started my tutoring lessons and have already had a massive impact on my school work. The hour flies by and I feel like I'm learning so much already.

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