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Michele D


My name is Michele, but everyone calls me Mirko.
I come from a small town in the southern part of Italy, Bari. A seaside city located in the "Heel" of the country.

When I graduated from high school, my English teacher asked me to assist her in summer English camps, making me passionate about teaching a foreign language.
One year later I choose to teach, as volounteer, English and Italian in a kindergarten school in Thailand, a country that I love for its history, language, culture, lovely people and peaceful environments.
Yes, I am also passionate for Asian cultures and languages. Indeed, one of my goals for my future career is to teach Italian directly in Thai and Chinese!
In this way, I put myself in the position of a student learning a new language as well in order to understand more which could be the best way to study and acquire new sounds and words. I believe that the student is the real protagonist of the class and it is only in this way that a person continues to be motivated and with the desire to progress.

I love teaching Italian because it gives me the opportunity not only to teach Italian as a language but also communicate with students and making them aware of the culture and people behind the words because it is not just about grammar and rules, it is also to learn cultures and customs through the language experiencing not only the learning of the "Italian culture" but also the learning and sharing of so many cultures that definitely opens your mind.

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