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Chloe C

5 (2 reviews)

I am a recent QUB graduate in Theology & Philosophy, with A grade A-Levels in RE, Biology & Geography. Due to this diverse range of A-Levels, I am aware of what teaching styles work and which ones don't. My approach to tutoring your child would be the facilitator approach; I will do my best to give real life examples to difficult concepts and ideas, I will also help them find the best way of revising that is suited to their subject and to their personality. A more personable approach is what your child is lacking within the classroom and a more one on one approach that I can provide through tutoring them is something they'd benefit from. In my own experience within the education system, I believe it is not that the student is incapable, it is just that they are lacking the right exam technique - it's not that they don't know the content of the curriculum, it's that they just don't know how to write it down in a way where they score maximum marks.

To target areas of difficulty, I will be looking through past papers with the student. Where issues arise I will then take them back to basics and explain key concepts, as well as anything else they may find tricky about that particular topic.

Helping students find a passion for a subject they're struggling with is something I've had experience with in the past. I volunteered at a Homework Club through Queen's University Belfast, tutoring children and young adults to academic success.


5 (2 reviews)
Colleen M

My daughter loves going every tuesday, when she was at school u had to say to her bout getting everything ready the night before. She hated school. Now she has it done and ready to go. I'm really impressed plus she has someone to look up to that's showing her studying is fun learning is fun, my daughter comes homes with a smile on her face . Tells us what she has learned she is really passionate about it and i cant thank chloe enough, she is a lovely girl, she's brilliant, that brilliant my daughter wants the tutoring to continue on while she still at school

Liga M

She is really good teacher and im really pleased with her.no bad word to say its all good and im really glad i found her and every time im looking forward to next lesson.

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