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Dan H


Hi, I'm Dan, a guitar tutor and professional musician based in Stretford, Manchester.

My attitude to learning the guitar (or anything else for that matter) is that anyone can do it! It’s simply a matter of practice, dedication, and patience. While natural ability or ‘talent’ may help, it is certainly not essential! Everyone starts at the same point, and everyone struggles at first. Those who progress are simply those who keep on practicing and don’t give up.

I understand that everyone is different: your goals, ability level, and learning style will be different to mine, or to my other students. I take an approach tailored to your unique goals and needs as a student, while ensuring that you develop the skills you need to play the guitar well.

My goal as a teacher is to help you to develop the skills you need to gain musical independence, so you can pursue your goals with or without a teacher (be it me, or anyone else!)

So if you’re interested, whether you have been playing for 10 years and just want to tighten a few bolts, or if you are a total beginner, contact me on the number or e-mail above and we’ll get started helping you become the player you want to be.

Professional Qualifications:
Grade 8 Rock School Guitar
Grade 8 Popular Music Theory (LCM)
FD Popular Music and Recording
Enhanced DBS Check

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