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Anthony S

5 (1 reviews)

I have worked with many Primary age children struggling with different aspects of school life. Any area of the Primary Curriculum can be covered leading to you child meeting the need they have. Children struggling with reading or Maths have made significant progress with my help.

I use the tutor time to work through different examples of the area we are focussing on and then explain any work the learner will need to complete before our next session. Time can also be spent with parents to explain the expectations being applied to your child or work through different approaches that could be used to help their child.

For children in Years Five and Six I have worked through past SATs papers for them to become familiar with different ways to approach the question or become familiar with what the question is looking for. The £20 rate is for KS1 lessons.


5 (1 reviews)
Kay M

Anthony is a really good tutor. My son is enjoying the lessons a lot and is starting to enjoy maths now and this is down to the teaching of Anthony. I can’t recommend him enough what a brilliant tutor

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