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Alexander L


I am both a tutor and an English teacher, local to Sevenoaks in Kent.

I have taught to several different exam boards for English, including AQA, WJEC, and Eduqas, and I know the requirements for getting the best grades possible in their respective Literature and Language exams. I have enjoyed working with students both in the classroom and privately, and have helped students to make progress, gain passes and achieve their best in their English qualifications. I have also studied English Literature at Masters level, and am able to pass on an excellent knowledge of literature to my students.

Furthermore, I also have experience tutoring students for the Elevenplus, a requirement to enter Grammar schools in Kent.

If your son, daughter, or yourself would like tutoring for any of the above, then do please contact me with any queries. I am currently booking for lessons for this academic year, as well as from 1st August 2018, for the next academic year.

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