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Paul A

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In my prior experience as a voluntary tutor at James Calvert Spence College, I had met with a number of students who struggled with various aspects of their life, including bullying, anxiety and depression. During my time there, I was able to see vast improvements in the mood, confidence and academic performance in a small number of students who had previously performed very poorly in school. From this experience, I believe I have become rather suited to tutoring students who suffer from a lack of confidence due to aspects of their lives they cannot control.

As a graduate of Astrophysics, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with any interested person should they wish to learn something about more advanced science, maths or university life. An academic by nature, my first approach to problem solving is cold logic. Naturally, that may not work for a lot of people who think differently, and I am more than capable of adapting my teaching style to suit the needs of any student.

To conclude, I perform my best tutoring young adults who lack confidence in their abilities, and those who wish to enter a career in science.


4 (1 reviews)
Lucy P

Early days but I feel we will progress slowly but surely

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