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Tom K

5 (6 reviews)

I offer truly personalised and effective guitar lessons to all ages and abilities. As we progress we will endeavour to incorporate your favourite songs into our lessons and from an early stage you will have the option of playing along to tailor made backing tracks, giving you the exciting feeling of playing with a band from day one.

Having played in a variety of bands in my 10 years of playing the guitar, from folk to rock, to blues and pop, I understand the importance of catering lessons towards an individual's needs.

I have taught a range of students; from children picking up the guitar for the first time, to 50+ aged adults reacquainting themselves with the instruments after years apart and everything in between! So whatever your age or ability, don't be afraid to get in touch!

My lessons ensure that good progress is made every week, regardless of your ability, in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

As well as having played in a range of bands, I studied Commercial Music at Bath Spa University where I graduated with a First. I have experience teaching music in a primary school, which has inspired me to craft my lessons around the principles of patience, individualism and fun for all ages and abilities.

For beginners on the instrument - we'll take our first steps by learning some simple chord shapes and strumming patterns.
From here on it will become apparent just how many songs you can learn with just three or four chords and we'll endeavour to incorporate your favourite songs into the teaching process as we progress.
You will also play along to tailor made backing tracks as you progress, to give you that feeling of playing with a band from day one. These can then be sent to you in an email for practise at home. I will also supply you with useful learning resources - big chord charts, chord progression sheets and much more. These are invaluable resources for continuing the learning process at home.

For intermediate players - we'll discuss where you want to take your guitar playing. Similar to beginners, you will play along to backing tracks but with a directed focus on what in particular you wish to learn. Perhaps you are comfortable strumming chords but want to learn to smash out a solo over your favourite song? Or maybe you've always played acoustic and want guidance on the techniques involved with playing electric?

Whatever your aims are, I can help you get there. Send me a message and book your first lesson today!


5 (6 reviews)
Lenka R

Good teacher. Very patient just as I need. Explains everything very clearly and goes through your favourite songs so it's not just boring learning of scales and chords. Thanks.

Martine R

Tom teaches my 9 year old son. He was a complete beginner and has never played the guitar before but Tom put him at ease straight away and my son is really enjoying the lessons and is now looking to be the next Ed Sheeran. I stayed for the first lesson to make sure my son was comfortable and happy and now I just drop him off, he looks forward to the lessons. Would highly recommend.

Richard W

Very enjoyable Tom is very proffesional explains the more difficult aspects of music in such a way that i can easily comprehend I have a serious illness which tom is aware of but this does not stop him pushing me to my limits

Jacqueline P

Tom gets a BIG 5 from us Jamie has behavioral issues and in his time spent with Tom we have seen a vast difference in Jamie WELL DONE TOM .Jamie enjoys his lessons and looks forward to his hourly sessions with Tom.

Andy B

Tom is very professional, he listened to what I wanted to play and we just crack on.

He goes beyond the classroom with support, and he will give you extra by the use of backing tracks to help you.

I would recommend Tom to anyone who would like to take up guitar.

Sofia R

We are really very happy to have found Tom. He puts a lot of thought into every lesson- preparing backing tracks and ways to make it interesting for my son (8). He is patient, easygoing and friendly. My son is very happy having lessons with him and is as a result progressing really well. Thanks Tom.

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