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Mosaab E

5 (1 reviews)
Beeston, Nottingham

I worked as a tutor, teaching assistant and even a lecturer for more than 5 years in different academic institutions; teaching, tutoring, training and mentoring medical students within the subject of microbiology in terms of their biology, their distribution within the environment and their mechanism to cause human diseases as well as the mechanisms to prevent and counteracts microbial infections.

I possess the ability to create a friendly relationship between the student and the subject, in addition to identifying students areas that may need to work-on by meticulously following their performance throughout the time. I usually use the right tools to motivate the students to excel and to digest the subject confidently.

I am sure to be of great support for the students and helping them to achieve their best


5 (1 reviews)
Zara P

Highly recommended . Tailored lessons to suits my needs came on time. Went through the subject needed in the detail I had required . Will use again

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