Secondary Maths teacher; I tutor up to A-Level Maths.

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Alexander R

4.9 (7 reviews)

Mathematics A-Level Modules taught: C1-C4, M1-M2, FP1

I offer a flexible price based on availability and required hours. Longer-distance lessons may affect price. I also teach 11+ and Common Entrance.

I believe that Mathematics is much easier to learn if it can be demonstrated in the real world: a difficult task for many branches of the subject but surprisingly viable up to GCSE Higher level. At A-Level and beyond, students tend to have developed the ability to visualise the more complex, theoretical problems in their mind.

Concepts such as pi, Pythagoras' Theorem and probability are all easily demonstrable (and in the case of probability, the Monty Hall Problem will drop the jaws of any skeptical students), allowing classes to grasp the ways in which Mathematics defines the universe.

Even if something can't be demonstrated practically, the right approach can pay dividends. Teaching students to embrace maths, not fear it, encourages the creativity and problem-solving skills required to break down and comprehend otherwise intimidating problems, and equations such as the Quadratic Formula and Binomial Expansion.


4.9 (7 reviews)
Amanda N

Wonderful tutor. I would highly recommend. My daughter felt very comfortable and happy throughout.

Humaira K

My daughter feels happy and able to ask any questions confidently

Miss Rabiya A B

Fantastic and very helpful tutor. My Child is happy.

Ashley J

My son has had 3 lessons now with Alex and is really enjoying them. Alex’s style of working with him and helping him work things out is fab and it is helping my son a lot in his lessons at school.

David M

Alexander is great. I am an adult learner and have been put at ease from the outset - I would recommend Alexander to anyone.

Stuart B

Alexander is excellent, my son loves learning with him and his preperation is second to none..

Sophie M

Absolutely brilliant, after one session my step daughter is feeling more confident

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