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Racsana S

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As a recent graduate, it's enthralling to see how wide education is expanding. Education must be conveyed in a manner that the youngsters of today want to learn and want to understand the meaning behind what they learn. Not only will this create smarter individuals but this will create a stronger generation for the future, for it is these children that will take care of the world. We cannot put these children's education at stake for simple excuses such as the particular subject being too hard. Anything is possible and everything is possible with dedication and passion. I want to create a strong future generation. I believe teaching in unique styles compared to the traditional teaching style will input interest and enthusiasm into the younger generation of today.


5 (1 reviews)
Saadia (mrs) K

Racsana is very interested and enthusiastic in ensuring that the pupil does well and asked for a list of weak areas and she is working with these at a pace which suits my son. Very pleased and happy to have her tutoring him.

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