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Davide C

5 (2 reviews)

I am a qualified teacher in German and Italian languages and literatures and I have collected some important and relevant experiences. I worked as a German teacher at “UIC Languages” in London from April 2015 to November 2016, where I taught German to adult learners in evening classes or in one-to-one sessions. I was an Italian exchange teacher in a “Mittelschule” (Y 10-14) in Austria from September 2013 to May 2014, where I could also teach German to migrant pupils without prior knowledge of the language. I was also a German substitute teacher at “Caio Plinio” secondary school (Y 14-19) in Como (Italy), a school with emphasis on tourism and economy, from December 2012 to February 2013.
I have always enjoyed being a teacher. From the beginning, I have been a committed teacher ̶ a natural consequence of my passion for the German language and culture. I started tutoring students of primary and secondary schools back in 2006, which enabled me to learn soon how to tailor teaching techniques according to students’ learning styles. I like to develop plan lessons with plenty of tasks which help the students to self-assess their development. I am endowed with self-criticism, as I evaluate my teaching methods and amend them if necessary.


5 (2 reviews)
Neil H

Davide is great and really easy to learn with. I’ve really enjoyed the lessons and he is very patient

Andy P

Davide is an excelent tutor he really helped me understand German and get started with my learning. He is a frendly and I recomend him for anyone wanting to learn German.


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