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Michael M

5 (7 reviews)

I am a focused, result driven Mathematics teacher. I have an Honours degree in Law and a Cert. of Higher Education in Estate Management. I have been tutoring for a number of years and make Mathematics a subject that my students, not only understand and get excellent results, but also enjoy. Mathematics is a subject where at its core, a student has to grasp the logic and clear set of a rules. Once these arrangements are simply laid down, then a student just needs to practice and get a command of the topic by preforming the basic examples. As the result of working hard and building upon a sound foundation, a higher mark of A or B should be expected without any doubt.


5 (7 reviews)
Lara M

My son has had two lessons with Michael and so far seems to have captured his attention and willingness to learn maths.

Rosa M

Thank you Michael for the fantastic lessons you provided my son. We feel that with your help and input he is ready for his maths exam!
Thank you again.

Jo W

Has helped improve my maths massively, I feel more confident for my exams, would recommend to anyone.

Monique E

Great tutor! I have only had Micheal for a few sessions and he has already helped me improve my maths skills significantly .

Hilary T

Michael is amazing! Finally my kids get it! Maths is sinking in! We are very happy.

Zac A

Amazing Tutor! He has been teaching me for a couple of Months now as Im doing my GCSE's and I feel alot more confident that I can achieve a high grade in my exams

Davina F

I was looking for a tutor to help my son catch up and fully understand his A level maths as he was starting to get behind. Michael came over to our house and over 3 sessions spent time with my son who is now confident that he should get a B grade providing he practises!

Thank you Michael

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