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Fernanda S

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My name is Fernanda, born and raised in Indonesia but I moved to Singapore when I was 15 to continue my studies and am currently a year 2 student studying Medicine in University of Glasgow. I am bilingual in English, Chinese, Indonesian and Malay but am fluent in Korean and is a beginner in German. I love maths and have won multiple awards both in international and national math Olympiads! I scored A1 for both my Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics in Secondary school and got a 7 for my IB Higher Level Mathematics. I can give the first session free so you can judge whether you suit my teaching style! :-) I am sorry that I cant provide my qualifications online as I study abroad and i brought them back with me last year as I thought I won't be needing them anymore! Please do open my profile and message me for any other queries and I will gladly reply them as soon as I can!


5 (1 reviews)
Nav P

My daughter find her math tutor fernanda very helpful and she is friendly too.

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