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Shula K


Hello! I'm a third year student at The University of Manchester, where I read French and ab initio German. Since this year is my Erasmus year, I have just finished a semester of studying French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and am now currently on a vacation period until my placement in Germany. I achieved the level C2 (Mastery) according to EU Framework in French and can provide the certificate.

Although I do not have formal teaching experience, I have many years of helping my peers. My style and approach to languages focuses on primarily building confidence in the areas of speaking, listening and grammar, as I believe it is these active (listening aside) areas which tend to be weaker, but when they are improved others skills greatly improve at a much quicker pace.

I believe that culture is extremely important in language learning, and I want to inspire learners to become curious about other cultures and their products, whether it be music, film or literature or anything else. Often, it is these connections that help language learners become much more passionate about the subject and what to discover more even when not in classes or formal learning time.

I am a dependable, organised person who highly values promptness. I also play active roles at my students' union.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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