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Chloe M

5 (2 reviews)
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Why did the Geography student drown? Because his grades were below C-level - not with a little bit of tutoring!

Fun and enthusiastic tutor suitable for Primary, Secondary, GCSE and A-Level.

I believe that its not just about teaching the subject, it is also about helping the student learn how to learn and enjoy it.

I am a BSc Geography graduate working towards a career in teaching. I have gained classroom experience in primary and secondary school environments as a Teaching Assistant and therefore have been required to develop alternative ways to teach students who are learning a a different rate to their fellow class mates. This can either entail developing more advanced resources for a student, or spending time using various teaching techniques in order to improves the students understanding of a topic.

When working with children, my focus is to build confidence in their own ability to achieve both academically and socially. I maintain a positive atmosphere in the classroom and utilise a balance of theory and activity led learning in order to effectively engage students with the topic. I am also able to use my artistic skills and creativity to develop resources for educational development which are challenging as well as stimulating.

With the appropriate teaching style and techniques tailored to the student i believe that an hour's tutoring on a regular basis can provide the opportunity to establish the specific subject areas where understanding is lacking and to enable students to iron out the little errors that are holding them back or to provide them with the resources to excel to their full potential.

I am passionate about Geography not only as a subject, but also as a topic and an experience, which i believe engages my students and inspires their learning. If your child is struggling or would benefit from a more engaging teaching style i can help develop their learning, build their confidence and pass their exams!


5 (2 reviews)
Abdus A

A Great Tutor who is brilliant with kids. My nephew loves the lessons and support he is getting from Chloe. If you are looking for a tutor we highly recommend Chloe.

Najila S

friendly and caring
my girl enjoyed her tutoring and started to enjoy with pens and notebooks

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