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Nick W

4.9 (13 reviews)

Brief Music Bio:

My musical journey started when I was 6 learning to play the Piano. I didn't follow the traditional training route as I didn't take grades. The grades route, although very handy to have the piece of paper saying that you can play to a certain ability level, can quite easily drain the enthusiasm and passion from younger students who don't see the value. My piano teacher (Nigel Pearson) recognised this and taught me in a more non-traditional way; a method I agree with unless you are dedicated to getting that signed piece of paper! I have been playing piano now for almost 20 years and if anything, my love for it has only become stronger – developing my skills, techniques and repertoire along with exploring the world of composition and arrangement along my journey.
Here's a video of me playing one of my original compositions 'No Hesitations' from my piano solo suite 'Unspoken':
... and here's me playing Einaudi's Primavera:

Alongside the Piano, I am also a very competent Vocalist with a history of training in Musical Theatre, Popular Music and a love for expression through singing! I have fronted 3 rock bands; always with strong reviews and feedback on my vocals, my current band being 28 Double. Check out our latest music video! 'Risen':

Along with Piano and Vocals, I am also a competent Trombone player (Grade 6), Bassist (which I used to play in 28 Double and stand in for bands as a session Bassist), I also play the Guitar.

At University I carried on with my passion for Music studying Creative Industries (Popular Music Technology) allowing me to further develop my musical skills and gain new skills in Music Technology e.g. Studio Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Sound for Film and Sound for Games etc.

Teaching Experience:

I started training to be a music teacher straight after finishing university in 2013 via the School Direct route. This meant the main bulk of my training was done on the job in learning sessions at Landau Forte College (11-19 year olds) and then 1 day a week spent at Nottingham Trent University for lectures and workshops on pedagogy and coursework based activities. At Landau my mentor was Tony Coffey MBE who shares my passion for Music and the Performing Arts in young people's lives; believing it makes them a more rounded human being. I was on the course for half a year and following this kept on developing my teaching skills at the college as an unqualified Instructor of Music and Performing Arts. Due to educational reforms, I then took up role as Technical Support Assistant to the department, looking after the more technical aspects - of the college theatre, instruments and studio facilities, but also allowed me to carry on supporting students in their music sessions and extra-curricular studies.

What students can expect from learning with me:

- Professional 1-to-1 Music Lessons tailored to the student's needs
- Bespoke courses that encourage learners not only develop the necessary skills, but also build a passion for their chosen instrument/subject
- Differentiated learning resources and strategies that promote progress
- Learning routines and processes that allows the student to develop their craft
- A friendly and reliable tutor who strives for the student to grow not only in technique, but also love and enjoyment of their chosen course


4.9 (13 reviews)
Stephanie M

Nick is an excellent teacher, he is very patient and knows how to encourage my son to play and practice. His modern approach to learning the piano is perfect for teenagers who want to play but are reluctant to learn via traditional academic ways. I recommend him to any parents out there wishing their child would play an instrument.

Nathan B

Really lovely guy, used loads of different techniques and really worked on my confidence. looking forward to my next lesson :)

Joanna K

I really enjoyed my first lesson with Nick today. He made me feel at ease and relaxed within no time at all. My lesson was really fun and well thought out and I am already looking forward to my next lesson. ☺

Sam S

I have just finished my singing lesson with Nick. Having had next to no experience in singing I was amazed how much I was able to learn in just one hour.

Nick is very enthusiastic and passionate about what he teaches and his methods are very fun, engaging and enjoyable!

He made me feel at ease from the start of the lesson and gave me some material to practice until my next lesson in a fortnight.

Would massively recommend Nick as a tutor!

Roger G

Nick is a great teacher, he puts a lot of effort into trying to teach an old dog new tricks. I find my hour with Nick is the shortest of the week !! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their musical skills.

Dave G

After many failed attempts to leave this talented guy a review I’ve finally worked out how to leave one ,moving things fast forward alittle bit I am currently working with nick on my second and third song which is going great but the reason for leaving this review is all about the ending to my first song not only did I get step by step professional guidance every week to help me progress with the song I was learning but a massive bonus of actually getting to step into nick’s recording studio and record your very own version of whatever song you have been practising so If you are similar to me and go off peoples reviews then please do not hesitate to contact this guy you will not be disappointed with your lessons many thanks for taking the time to read this review

Jeremy M

My 13 year old daughter has been having regular lessons with nick for approx 3 months and we’re very pleased that we chose him! In my daughters words, nick is really good at teaching and makes the music fun!

As far as I’m concerned, nick has always been punctual and polite and I’m particularly pleased that he asks what my daughter wants to play and finds the scores to suit her level. I think in one case he has even written a simple version of the music so that she could play what she wants.

Nick is a very bright musician and an excellent teacher, overall we’re very happy with the results. Thanks nick!


Nick is well prepared, enthusiastic, patient and encouraging. He takes time in explaining the techniques of singing, which is very helpful.

Mari P

I’m 24 and I’ve wanted to learn the piano for a long time. I was really apprehensive about going for lessons at first but I absolutely loved Nicks style of teaching and now I am hooked and really look forward to my lesson every week!

Julie M

I have had a couple of lessons with Nick now and looking forward to many more. Communications prior to the first lesson were good, he is punctual and well prepared for the lessons, pitching the music at just the right level to stretch me without being too scary! He is happy to adapt his teaching and individualise the music to suit the student to encourage practice. Very friendly and extremely talented, would recommend.

Dave G

Great second lesson with nick,very intelligent guy knows exactly where your weakness is and how best to conquer it ,goes without saying would recommend this guy all day long ,don’t miss out guys !!

Dave G

Booked in with Nick for my first singing lesson,I was a little bit apprehensive before the lesson as I had never taken lessons before,after about 5 minutes into the lesson I had completely forgotten about any nerves I had ,From walking through the front door Nick instantly makes you feel welcome ,I only booked an hour with Nick but by the end of the lesson i already felt I had learnt so much in developing my voice,this guy is well worth the money if you are looking at improving your ability to become a great singer !! 10/10

Jeremy M

Nick is an enthusiastic piano teacher who worked really well with my 13 yr old daughter on her first lesson. He used the messaging service on Tutora to understand what stage she was at and came prepared to engage with her as soon as the lesson started - and had homework ready for her to continue learning.

Nick was polite, punctual and committed to the pupil. He is clearly very passionate about music, which is exactly what I wanted in a tutor.

I will increase my rating to 5 stars if the next few lessons are as positive as our first experience.

Thanks Nick

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